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Recently, Lauren joined the Duggar's family in their tour to Australia and New Zealand.

Josiah uploaded the photo on Instagram with Lauren that captioned, Well, it seems that they are moving awfully fast.

According to the source, Josiah and Lauren have already been spotted holding hands, hugging, and yes even kissing.

star, Josiah Duggar, is currently in a romantic relationship with Lauren Swanson who is also a longtime family friend.

And the great Duggar have strict rules to follow, which could be hard for the teenage lovers to accept.

The Duggars has to follow a strict set of rules when it comes to the process of courting, which they describe as, "Dating with a purpose." And that, "purpose," definitely, is about getting married and giving birth to a small army of fundamentalist children.

However, on November 14, Channing praised his girlfriend for her performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

He captioned it: Although Channing faced his tragedy with his ex-wife several months prior, he is happily enjoying a delightful relationship with his new love interest Singer Jessie J.

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