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Be chivalrous and vaguely specific about contacting her soon.“I’ll see you soon…” or “I’ll speak to you soon…” are cheerful and yet warm ways to end the conversation.It’s justifiable for women to play hard to get, because men love the chase.But women don’t like to be kept waiting and they don’t like an insecure chase.[Read: How to end a date perfectly] And about when you should call her back, here’s what you need to keep in mind.#1 Call her on the same night If you’ve had one of the best times of your life and you know your date’s had a special time too, there’s nothing wrong in calling her up the very night.If you’re not very sure about whether she’s had a great time with you, but you really want to tell her you had a nice time, don’t call just yet.

You may also make it obvious that you’re smitten by her, and yet, you’re giving her enough space by not calling her up and texting her instead.It removes their uncertainty and makes them feel more mushy and happy.But then again, it also makes you appear too easy to get.By calling her the next day, you can play it safe and let her know that you like her, but you’re not yet smitten by her and need some more time to take the plunge. She’d also have no idea about whether you’re just playing it cool or are genuinely interested in her.#3 Call her after two days A guy who calls a girl after two days is playing by the book. While waiting for a couple of days before calling can be safe, there’s also a big chance that her insecurities may have grown so much she may even be annoyed with you.

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