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Little girls would be ring bearers and if older, would play the role of junior bridesmaid.The girl’s dresses were white muslin which were tied with a ribbon sash matching their stockings and shoes.When the white dress was in fashion, pearl and diamond combinations were generally used.The mid- Victorians wore a diamond diadem for the ceremony to flaunt their wealth. The wedding day was considered to be the most important day in the life of a Victorian girl.The girls were taught from the early age to marry and to take care of the family.In the early years, the groom wore a frock coat of blue, mulberry or claret and a flower favor in his collar. The groom’s waistcoat would be white and trousers of lavender doeskin.

One difference was that she had no bridesmaid, no veil, and no orange blossoms.

If the wedding was at home, then no veil was required.

By the mid years of the era, white was out of fashion but was worn in amalgamation with other colors.

Bridesmaid’s dressing: Bridesmaid gowns had to be beautiful as they became a part of the bride’s attire after the wedding.

The bridesmaids used to cover their heads with short white veils falling from a tiara to just below the hip.

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