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Chinese Astrology is the fastest, easiest way to test compatibility. There are plenty of good books available on the topic. It's very unattractive, and would probably be a deal-breaker for a fair number of YOUR potential partners.I knew an abused woman born in the Year of the Rat. I wonder if people change their bias toward seeing negative "deal breaker" traits vs. This might depend upon how a person feels about him/herself.Compatibility has to do with the Astrological chart. How about "people" - enough with the gender divide. This article is so incomplete that I could have written it. That is something one thinks about before and during work on the self (not saying 'after,' because we should never stop working on self-improvement).

The researchers found that people do believe there are deal-breakers." But after I've grieved the relationship and restored my self-esteem, I'm more likely to see positive traits in all people (not just potential partners).In some ways, these seem to be 2 sides of the same coin but a shift in perspective.They asked participants what factors would make them reject someone as a potential short-term, casual sex partner—and then what factors would make them reject someone as a potential long-term committed partner.For short-term partners, deal-breakers emerged as a top 10.

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Rather than saying, "I'll never date a self-absorbed person again!

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