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[Read: How to look around and pick interesting things to talk about on a date] 16 first date tips for guys to charm a girl effortlessly Dates are a game of chance. But if you want to make sure your first date is perfect, here are 16 important first date tips for guys that can make all the difference between a dreamy first date and a lost cause. And if it’s an evening date, nothing beats warm lights like candles to create a perfect setting.

[Read: 15 tips to keep in mind to plan the perfect first date and impress her] #2 Don’t be late.

Remember, you are responsible for making a first impression. Sheldon holds a master's degree in counseling psychology from Pace University.

#3 Plan something nice, and let her know most of your plans.But contrary to popular belief, bragging is one of the biggest turn offs for women.[Read: The 10 biggest dating turn offs for girls] If you really want to put yourself out there and let her know how awesome you are, talk about yourself without coming across as an arrogant braggart.And for the girl you like, the first date is an easy way to find out if you’re a charming and charismatic guy, or just another regular guy.You may have taken your time to woo this girl, and you may have impressed her enough into liking you for the guy you are.

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Each time you go close to her to say something, she’d get a hint of your manly fragrance.

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