Dating things to talk about on the phone

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That’s why I encourage you to write down below your long distance relationship story – if and even if it doesn’t support this idea.

Let’s see some real evidence and make a discussion out of it. Photo Source: Gulin Copec Livius Besski recently got married.

Luckily, our own editors have offered up their go-to conversation turn-abouts, guaranteed to revive any dying conversations or change the subject—quickly.

Entertainment obsessions: The world is on our Netflix."' I need a new podcast/TV show/book recommendation. ' People usually have at least ONE thing they're excited about. '” A more uplifting and still delightfully NSFW version of ' F*ck, Marry, Kill.'"I always ask this at parties when conversation starts to slow down: ' You have three scenarios: an all-weekend sex session, casually date for six weeks, and marry.

If I've seen or read it, we can talk about how good it is. Assign a celebrity to each one of those scenarios for you.'" - For when conversation inevitably descends into a hellish dissection of news headlines, tinged with the undertones of a world at its end."My amazing Uncle Ted followed up a particular spate of 'bad news topics' with: ' So how we doin' otherwise?

If I haven't, I just keep asking questions about it." comes out this weekend—I’m dying to watch Season Two. ' Another is ‘Got any travels plans in the new year? ' Rendered in a Texas drawl it really works like a charm." Get weird—with intention."My husband says he loved how I started our conversation the first time we met, which was ' What was the weirdest thing that happened to you this week?

The truth is, some events are particularly ripe for awkward silences and weird gaps in conversation: there are the long car rides with a person you just started dating; nail-biting one-on-one moments with your boss at the office holiday party; the moment your ...

' I think I went through a phase of saying that to people in 2009." Pets. It does not matter if they are yours or someone else's."If things get uncomfortable, my go-to conversation-changer is, without fail or variation: ' OK, but you will not believe what Spondee [my corgi] did.' Then I whip out my phone and share a cute photo or video. @dogsbeingbasic is a great Instagram account diversion. Because inevitably there's a video i took that morning.

Honestly, cute animals are the great equalizers.” "I feel like I always pull up a video of my cat. Because I film him every morning." , so I employ the Raccoon Conversation Diversion Method at our family holidays. They live in almost every state, and they are hilarious but kind of creepy and sneaky and unpredictable, and I find if you begin by talking about how a raccoon got stuck in your garage and panic-ate all the Nature Valley bars, someone else has an equally hilarious story.

We humans tend to value more the things that we put some effort into.

And when we decide to make a long distance relationship work and we fight for it with all our hearths, it then becomes so much more valuable to us.

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