Dating the fossil record

In other words, they allow for there to have been only one set of mutually-contemporaneous living things on a young earth, instead of a repetitive replacement of living things over vast periods of time.Most of the earth’s sedimentary record is viewed as being deposited by the Noachian Deluge, and not over successive depositional events in analogues of modern sedimentary environments on an evolving earth.For example, the evolutionist asks us why a layer of rock containing trilobites is never found to contain dinosaurs, and why a layer with dinosaurs is always found above one with trilobites and never the reverse.Fossil succession can be viewed in terms of solitary fossils, commonly called index fossils. These are often called fossil assemblages or assemblage zones.Fossils were thus assigned to this group because of overall resemblance to modern taxa, Recent morphological work has added a number of characters which should aid in recognition of members of this group.The Dasycladales has perhaps the best-known fossil record of any group of green algae.

Fossil forms are cylindrical, club-shaped, or have a spherical appearance from the density of their branches.

The reality of the geologic column is predicated on the belief that fossils have restricted ranges in rock strata.

In actuality, as more and more fossils are found, the ranges of fossils keep increasing.

But what are the ramifications of fossils seeming to occur in multiple, different horizons in the earth’s rock strata?

Is the succession of life-forms, over long periods of time, the have provided a variety of alternative explanations for fossil succession.

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Human hands and whale flippers have extremely similar bone structures.

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