Dating sim academy get 50 hp updating ipod do not disconnect

Construction will display all owned materials and what you have created from them, along with the next goal.It's divided in four categories: Goal, Tools, Consumables and Processed Goods.Assigning the cleaning task will fill up the cleanness gauge again.If the gauge becomes empty, the students will be forced to clean, wasting a few days.Similar to School Mode in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Love Across the Universe: Dangan Salmon Team in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, the bonus mode serves as a dating sim, leading the player through a version of the main plot where there are no mutual killings.The game starts out identically to the beginning of the main story, where Hajime Hinata wakes up on the beach on Jabberwock Island, and meets Nagito Komaeda.Afterward, Hajime recalls on how he met the other previous 15 students and they began to collect "Hope Fragments".

He plans on doing a lotwith this game by continuing to add quality content and expand the universe (potential story expansions) over time so he's in this for the long run!Gathering materials will slowly consume each student's energy, as well as slowly reduce the island's cleanness.Resting for the day will not provide materials to build backups, but it will also prevent the "Cleanness" gauge from falling any faster.Processed Goods are materials created from others and are used to further proceed in building your goals.Throughout Island Mode, Usami will request the player to "cooperate" with the other students by gathering materials for Class Goals.

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Doing so within the given day limit will reward the player with Trip Tickets, which can be used to take classmates on a trip to locations over the island and bond with them.

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