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The first hats with brims, made of straw or felt, were utilitarian and worn by field laborers, shading their eyes from the sun and rain.

A soft linen coif, tied under the chin was usually worn underneath a hat, thus keeping long hair in place.

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The tube could be up to two feet in length with a long ribbon added, which could be wound around the head in infinite variety.

The coif, the gorget, and the liripipe were collectively called the chaperon.

Protection, status, and vanity have always been the prime reasons for wearing hats.

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The French invasion imposed a fashion for clean-shaven faces and short hair, which was often covered by a coif, a close-fitted linen cap, tied under the chin.

A variation was the phrygian cap, a soft, close-fitting and pointed hat, inspired by the Phoenician fashion, brought into Europe by traders from the Mediterranean.

A round, stuffed band, called a rondelet, was sometimes added by fashionable jongleurs, the wandering musicians and medieval trend-setters.

Further variations were achieved by rolling the gorget up over the forehead or by winding the liripipe around the head, creating a kind of turban style.

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