Dating photo tips

Do you honestly want your potential match to say that the first photo they saw of you was the one where you were standing with your arms around a person of the opposite sex?

It helped bring a different element of personality to my profile that would have been nonexistent otherwise, and I guess it worked because I ended up with an amazing guy!

For example, let’s say your biography says that you enjoy traveling the world.

In at least one of your additional photos, show off one of the cool places you got to visit.

To give your potential matches a better picture of what you really look like, I recommend including at least one full body shot of you.

You told your potential matches what you enjoyed doing in your free time, so now it’s time to post some pictures of you doing those things!

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The world of online dating can be a fun one, but it can also be frustrating when you have hundreds of different people to interact with and compete against.

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