Dating national resonator guitars

These differences are significant because you play them in different ways.For example, you play a square-neck like a lap steel.Once the country and bluegrass musicians discovered them, round-necked guitars became even more common.They were either wood bodied and necked for warmer tones, with more mid and bottom tones for bluegrass.

It is also the more versatile because you can purchase a nut converter to raise the strings, allowing you to play it as a lap slide.

So here’s what you need to know about the types of resonators musicians use today.

Resonator guitars are classified first by their neck type: square necked or round-necked.

These are the three primary resonator designs depending on the number of cones and the design of the bridge: The simplest resonator design is the biscuit-bridge single-cone, which looks like an inverted speaker cone.

Also, the “biscuit” in biscuit bridge refers to the hardwood disc that sits in the center of the cone.

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