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When I was courting my husband, we agreed on setting boundaries for visitations. There was enough space in both houses to allow us a measure of privacy, yet under some watch. Before I started taking my husband’s overtures seriously, I consulted the Lord and asked for His will.

I prayed and got the spiritual conviction I needed. Avoid spending time in places where other people will think wrongly of you and your partner.

And by mature, I’m not referring to age because the age to begin dating is relative.

Since then, she has been teaching God’s word in several Christian outreaches especially to young people and women. You can also like my Facebook page, Aunty Edith, follow me on Instagram, Google Plus (1), Google Plus (2), Twitter (1), Twitter (2), Pinterest and Stumble Upon. He will moderate your interactions, pruning the negative and amplifying the positive for the best outcome. Make no room for things (conversations, movies and music) that can stir up and awaken the flesh (Songs 2:7;3:5;8:4).This helps friends who profess godliness to keep a close eye on one another, especially when the parties involved are just starting their relationships.While we have established that the age to begin dating is relative, individuals who have not had a full grasp of who they really are, what they want, why they are here (on earth) and where they are going, who most often would be caught somewhere between preteen and early teenage are not encouraged to date. You can make a covenant with your eyes for the Lord (Job 31:1).And think of things that are right, pure, noble, lovely and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).

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The truth still remains that every action and inaction in dating among Christian youths must be in pursuit of righteousness, clear-conscience and the ultimate good. It is honouring God in your body understanding that you have been bought with a price. (Related: What Are Your Options When Temptations Come? to a.m.” It all starts with physical contact of the intimate kind.

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