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Read more Are you looking for an overview of our diverse range of training opportunities for staff and would you like to know more about the support we offer for your career development?

Read more ISL offers pre-primary and primary education for children between the age of 2,5 en 11 years old.

Besides the classic career of research associate or doctoral candidate via a postdoc to teaching and research assignments as a member of the senior academic staff, we have developed an alternative career path as a research expert or research manager within the research management structure, with a long-term perspective, own financial and managerial responsibilities and development opportunities.

Namstrops(Japan) Workshops with fresh insight into movement, specially designed for kids by physical education trained artists of Japanese dance group Namstrops and Professor Rumiko Takahashi from the University of Miyazaki.All international KU Leuven staff receive a 10% reduction on the annual tuition fee.For more information about entry fees, you can consult the website In the session for families, parents and children will explore each other's feelings and thoughts through physical movements, nurturing new forms of communication and building bonds.Get ready to go into motion as Unlock's dance artists tap into children's sporting talents.

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