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Arranged marriages are still the norm, and until recently marrying one’s cousin wasn’t considered weird or unhealthy. And they super especially don’t date infidel westerners. Whoever the girl ends up with will almost certainly have more money than you, simply on the basis of them being Qatari.4. A million other reasons including the reaction of friends, society, the inability to go anywhere together and basically ‘reasons’.Basically, Qatari women are reserved for Qatari men.2. Getting involved with a foreign man would cause a huge family scandal and seriously impact a women’s marriage potential. Despite all of the above, it’s not unheard of for Qatari Women to secretly date westerners. You can find more tips on living and working in Qatar in my book — God Willing: How to survive expat life in Qatar.

It's free to register, view photos, and send messages to single men and women in Qatar!And totally unavailable…There are several reasons why it’s never going to happen and they breakdown like this:1.Despite its modern façade, Qatari is still a deeply religious and traditional society. Religion might not play a role in your life, but it’s kind of a super heavy deal in Qatar.5.There are plenty of places to meet that is local bars, inside hotels, BBQ parties and generally normal gathering places where people socialize.However, reading one post makes is seem perfectly normal to exchange intimacies with one another, no it's not, it is utterly frowned upon in public, please don't make light of this, it can get you in hot water.

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Dating is an expression we use to get to know our opposites man/woman, woman/man.

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