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There is a place about an hour’s drive from us that offers several warehouses full of items for your home. We’ll be heading back soon, and I think date night might be the perfect time. Depending on where we decide to eat, I will swing by work and pick him up.

We don’t get to spend a long time together, but this is a fun way to see each other during the day when we normally wouldn’t, and it is always an hour well-spent. This is an activity that my husband and I always enjoyed together when we were dating.

I can’t think of anything better than snuggling with my husband and awakening in his arms to the sun rising and the twittering of birds in the morning.

My husband and I have always enjoyed getting to know the area anywhere we have lived.

We usually end up eating it with our family instead of alone (meal times are always exciting around here) but the other activities end up being fun for us, and can totally count as date time!

Since the daylight lasts longer in the summer, this is an easy and (almost) free activity.

It is the one thing I absolutely insisted on doing in Hawaii when we went alone. There is one a few towns away from us and I am really hoping that my husband and I can sneak away for a few hours to watch a movie there. Take some seasoned chicken breasts, fresh veggies, and a favorite wine along and grill your dinner while you sip drinks and chat.

I love to hike almost any time with the whole family, but hiking together as a couple is a bonding experience for sure! Enjoy spotting stars or watching the sun set as you eat and talk. If you are able to get away overnight, camping might be a fun “date night” option.

This gives you plenty of time to chat, laugh together, or even have a serious conversation, if necessary. We found our beautiful farm table at this location, and it is almost time to find the perfect setup for our in-planning-stage coffee bar. Sometimes I ask my husband to meet me somewhere for lunch.

What we discovered was that even though we didn’t intend it as a date – getting away to a new location and enjoying each other’s company and talking into the night without interruption is really good for our marriage.

Most of us probably went to the fair as couples when we were in high school dating random people, but when you are “old” and have kids you always think of taking the kids to the fair.

All you need is a pup tent, a few dinner and breakfast choices, and your sleeping bags.

Build a fire, take s’mores supplies along, and laugh together as you sit by the fire.

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Choose a soup kitchen or perhaps a ministry at your church in which you can serve together My husband and I enjoy cooking together.

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