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It was originally Blockbuster Rental Cuddle Position, but you've grown together.

And yes, you have a distinguished cuddle position for watching Netflix because bedtime cuddling and Netflix cuddling are very different though equally important. Your parents are extremely close and it's totally normal to receive a selfie of them out to dinner with each other.

He was there to celebrate every awesome milestone in your life, which made them even more awesome. You have the absolute best inside jokes and pretty much your own language that no one understands.

Like, when someone says they "need Starbucks," you two can't help but crack up because it means something hilarious and kind of inappropriate to you two.

It’s a bit of a hybrid of those two scenarios, really, because, don’t we all know that, while a lot changes, some things always stay the same? Here are some reasons high school sweethearts reconnect.

What I mean is that, no matter how much you’ve learned and grown since high school, there is still a fundamental part of you that has always been the same. via GIPHY Sometimes, a union between high school sweethearts is about as good as it gets.

If you had told me when I was a kid that I would meet my future husband at 14 years old right in front of my high school locker, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Bonus: You are always down to try new things with each other and it's not scary because there was a time where everything, even "first base," was new. You finally get to do all the things you said you would do when you were older.

Those plans you made when you were 15 about living together and eating ice cream after every meal, or going to Amsterdam just to get stoned, can now totally come true.

“We’ve been through it all together, the good, the bad and the ugly,” says my friend Courtney, who’s from my hometown, and who married her high school boyfriend.

“The awkward high school moments — first kiss, first more than that.stories are entwined.” My husband isn’t the only one I’ve kept in touch with since high school.

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