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Either that or they are not stained and are being left natural.

While I have MORE than enough wood to make all the components out of cherry (with enough left over to build multiple copies to make great stocking stuffers :cool:) I'd prefer to utilize my cherry stock frugally as so to maximize it for other things. Normally, in furniture making, the "insides" are made of whatever inexpensive "secondary" woods are available locally.

The inside back of the box is made from plywood by the looks of it but I'm not entirely sure of that however. I'm betting the is just to aggravate you enough so you'll go away and leave them alone. There are collectors and dealers that buy & sell Gerstner tool boxes. Now to get your, genuine, grade "A", bona fide, signed and dated owners certificate that costs .00 extra! That curly maple box shown on the gerstner website is mighty purty, not to mention the bubinga and rosewood 00 , a bit rich for my pocket.

On the inside of the bottom panel in big block letters, stamped in black ink it reads: "Built by H. provenance makes a major difference in the value of any antique. I can't imagine anyone actually buying one for a toolbox. SGW, I think you're right on about Gerstner leaning towards the collector's niche market.

My question is: What wood are the drawer sides/backs/bottoms made out of?

The cases, lids, fronts and drawer faces are all made of cherry (or other species of hardwood, depending on what model you buy) but, looking at several pictures online, it appears that the drawer sides/backs/bottoms are made of some other wood.

They do have a club, and I believe they offer free dating to members. Since Logans haven't been made since '73 or so I see no reason why Gerstner dosen't know what years they made certian model boxes. All the sales flyers used to have Kennedy stuff on sale, now it's the Waterloo boxes.

If they have to research, and verify the accuracy of chest, it takes time and costs money. Logan lathes has a rather complete S/N listing on their web site of all of their lathes made since '42 (over 90,000). Interesting to note that MSC appears to be increasing their coverage of the Waterloo line of tool chests.Start your identification process by using Pages 05 & 06.This will tell you who the manufacturer is or may be. then go to that mfr.’s section to identify the Style # (if used) and the Period Date range of manufacture.Foreign manufacturers are not included in ‘The’ Guide.Do you remember the song ‘I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden’?

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