Dating frister rossmann sewing machines

So, I was very interested in cleaning and oiling all the moving parts underneath the machine.

These are the seller's photos from the uk auction (pink background).

How they got around the patent infringements I can only guess unless they, as before, paid a licence fee!

They even advertised their machines as the Improved Singer! Because all the models I have seen all have the W&G automatic tensioner brought in in around 1875 we know that the models are post that date.

The very earliest imported F&R Chain stitch do not even have the F&R logo on them.

However there are manufacturing details that are obvious to a specialist. Nickel plated fine cast hand wheel assembly, nickel plated lower pulley wheel. Brass auto tension assembly (not steel) with a centre screw, brass cotton peg, not steel. The gold work is slightly cruder with different scroll work.

For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.Very First Photo I Took of the House Feb 18, 2007 - 30 minutes after we bought the house.You can't miss the proud and popular brand name Frister and Rossmann with Bronze Lilies decals. The boat shuttle and inserted bobbin removed from the machine during cleaning and oiling.Their most popular late Victorian model was based on the Singer New Family machine model 12k also fondly referred to as the Fiddle base due to its curved casting.They made their fist copy of Singers model around the early part of the 1870's.

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Fun to see the shine come through-- buffing it with small strips of soft microfiber cloth.

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