Dating fot tall people

“I never thought I’d marry someone shorter than me, though at 5’11”, I’m not sure why the possibility had never crossed my mind,” she told me.

Welcome to Tall uk, a site specifically started for the benefit of taller people.The vision is to become the go to dating site for tall single people in the UK.Since starting we have had many tall singles become members and helped them find tall love online.Sometimes I call Mike my short stack of pancakes,” she told me. Not me.” Jana and Colin, who have been married for almost eight years, have a two-inch height difference (she’s 5’10” to his 5’8″). He’s so confident and funny and goofy.” The only time it felt odd was for a moment at their wedding.“When we were first dating, he asked, ‘Is it okay that I’m not taller than you are? “We had a great photographer, but she had go-to poses for couples, and I remember some of them felt awkward.

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