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By moving some of the weight out of the end, steering the car became more manageable – especially given the fact that the 1963 Corvette did not include power steering as a standard feature.

Even more impressive than the wait was that many of these customers paid full retail price for the “privilege” of being the first to own a 1963 Corvette.

Additionally, the 300-horsepower engine produced some additional power via a larger, four-barrel carburetor, plus larger intake valves and exhaust manifold.

The car’s standard three-speed transmission also carried over from the 1962 model year, and remained available in 1963 though neither it nor the optional Powerglide automatic transmission were installed into many second-generation Corvettes.

The engines that were offered for the 1963 Corvette included three carbureted versions; a 250-, 300-, and 340-horsepower variants, as well as a 360-horsepower fuel-injected powerhouse engine, which was made available to consumers for an extra 0.40.

As in the 1962 Corvette before it, the base and step-up engine units utilized hydraulic lifters, a mild cam, a forged-steel crankshaft, 10.5:1 engine compression, a single-point distributor, and a dual exhaust system.

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LC8-L has a lighter jacket; best for table radios and anywhere you might need to run a cord through an existing strain relief.

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