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While Argentina is geographically located in South America—and thus Latin America—Argentina is much more European than pretty much any other country in both South or North America. The people “look” European, the cities have a European feel to them and just the overall mentality of the country is closer to, say, Spain or Italy—where the majority of the citizens are descended from—than, say, Brazil or Venezuela that feel much more Latin because of their native indigenous populations. From my experience talking to many Argentinian women as well as seducing plenty of them, Argentinian love men who are tall, dark and handsome. Seriously speaking, though, like most of Latin American women, Argentinian women seem to gravitate towards their kind.

That’s because Argentinian men are no slouches and they know how to approach and seduce women. Having said that, there are always women in pretty much any country around the world that are open to dating foreigners.

I think, by far, the best way to meet Argentinian women is by finding them online.Coffee shops are also ideal places to approach women since you’re usually in a relaxed, no-pressure situation.Argentinian nightlife is unlike nightlife in many other cities around the world is that it starts relatively late.As I spent the next several months living in Argentina’s capital, those initial thoughts were only reinforced. An average Argentinian woman is a mixture of Spanish and Italian genes with some Portuguese thrown in for good measure.While not only were they beautiful, but, as I later found out, they were also one of the hardest women to approach and seduce. The majority of them have olive skin, so they wouldn’t be out of place in Spain, Italy or Portugal if you transport one there.

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