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And for those of you out there living to keep this dream alive, you may be happy to find out that it be done.To some men, strippers may seem like mythological creatures that you never actually get to be with.

But over time, it will come to be like anything else that a girl would do for money.

And some clubs actually have rules against husbands or boyfriends visiting and hanging out while the girl is supposed to be working.

Every girl is a little bit different about this, so it is important to listen and to try to understand what she wants when it comes to boundaries with her job.

She will have her shifts, she will work them, and she will get paid for her work. If you end up dating for long enough, you will probably find a pattern of normalcy and almost forget that stripping is not a normal part of life for every couple!

Remember that she probably plays a character at work that is not her, and remember that while she may enjoy what she does, she probably does not want to be that person when she gets home.

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