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Their paper explained how there was a sanctuary in heaven, that Christ, the High Priest, was to cleanse.The believers understood this cleansing to be what the 2300 days in Daniel was referring to. However, Seeking a Sanctuary sees it more as an offshoot of the Millerite movement.By 1844, over 100,000 people were anticipating what Miller had called the "Blessed Hope".On October 22 many of the believers were up late into the night watching, waiting for Christ to return and found themselves bitterly disappointed when both sunset and midnight passed with their expectations unfulfilled.The "Sabbath and Shut Door" Adventists were disparate, but slowly emerged.Only Joseph Bates had had any prominence in the Millerite movement.The spread of Bibles allowed many who had not had one to be able to purchase and study it themselves rather than just hear it preached, and led to the establishment of many reform movements designed to remedy the evils of society before the anticipated Second Coming of Jesus Christ.Many religious minority movements formed out of the Congregational, Presbyterian, and the Baptist and Methodist churches.

A following gathered around Miller that included many from the Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Christian Connection churches.

Over the ensuing decades the church expanded from its original base in New England to become an international organization.

The Second Great Awakening was stimulated by the foundation of the many Bible Societies which sought to address the problem of a lack of affordable Bibles.

Due to her influence, Frederick Wheeler, a local Methodist-Adventist preacher, began keeping the seventh day as Sabbath, probably in the early spring of 1844. These events were shortly followed by the Great Disappointment.

Several members of the Washington, New Hampshire church he occasionally ministered to also followed his decision. Preble promoted Sabbath through the February 28, 1845 issue of the Hope of Israel.

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