Dating a paranoid schizophrenic

Specifically, “62.7 percent were controlling symptoms of schizophrenia; 62.5 percent were actively attaining remissions from substance abuse; 56.8 percent were in independent living situations; 41.4 percent were competitively employed; 48.9 percent had regular social contacts with non–substance abusers; and 58.3 percent expressed overall life satisfaction.”11. When we think of antipsychotic medication for schizophrenia, we automatically think of adjectives like lethargic, listless, uninterested and vacant.

Many believe medication causes these sorts of symptoms.

While 85 percent of Americans recognize that schizophrenia is a disorder, only 24 percent are actually familiar with it.

And according to a 2008 survey by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 64 percent can’t recognize its symptoms or think the symptoms include a “split” or multiple personalities.

People with schizophrenia can’t lead productive lives.“Many individuals can lead happy and productive lives,” Velligan said.

In a 10-year study of 130 individuals with schizophrenia and substance abuse — which co-occurs in nearly 50 percent of patients — from the New Hampshire Dual Diagnosis Study, many gained control over both disorders, reducing their episodes of hospitalization and homelessness, living on their own and achieving a better quality of life (Drake, Mc Hugo, Xie, Fox, Packard & Helmstetter, 2006).

These agents can have severe side effects and can be fatal, but this is rare.

“Antipsychotic drugs, as a group, are one of the safest groups of drugs in common use and are the greatest advance in the treatment of schizophrenia that has occurred to date,” Dr. Individuals with schizophrenia can never regain normal functioning. J., Xie, H., Fox, M., Packard, J., & Helmstetter, B.

Such stereotypes only further the stigma and quash any shred of sympathy for individuals with this illness, writes Dr. So it’s bad enough that people with schizophrenia are afflicted with a terrible disease.Along with genetics, research has shown that stress and family environment can play a big role in increasing a person’s susceptibility to psychosis.“While we can’t change genetic vulnerability, we can reduce the amount of stress in someone’s life, build coping skills to improve the way we respond to stress, and create a protective low-key, calm family environment without a lot of conflict and tension in hopes of reducing the risk of illness progression,” De Sliva said.8.It’s safe to say that no mental disorder is more shrouded in mystery, misunderstanding and fear than schizophrenia.“The modern-day equivalent of leprosy” is how renowned research psychiatrist E. D., refers to schizophrenia in his excellent book, Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Patients, and Providers.

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