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If you feel sick or simply not having a good day, it is better to wait. Slowly transition the conversation towards a possible date.Let your coworker know that you enjoy talking to him or her and would like to continue your chat sometime outside of the office.

You can do that by checking the social media accounts, browsing through photos online, asking a mutual friend, or if you are brave enough, you can ask the coworker yourself as well.

You will most likely get rejected and your relationship with the coworker will never be the same afterward.

“Pick the place and time when you are going to ask your coworker out. Don’t ask him or her out in front of other people or when the coworker is busy with work or stressed.

The worst that could happen is if your coworker rejects the invitation. “Don’t try to hide your relationship from your employer, because eventually he or she will find out and it might not go so well.

Being honest and telling your boss about your relationship with a coworker shows respect.

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Below you will find a list of handy tips on how to date a coworker successfully. Mixing your work and private life might cost you losing your position or breakup with your new crush.

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