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A good haircut that doesn’t try to hide thinning hair, a smart trim, or a clean shave are essential. People fine the appearance of confidence more important than a man’s hair situation.

Most people are turned off by elaborate hairstyles that try to mask hair loss. When researchers at Wake Forest University had people rate the attractiveness of pictures of men, a full head of hair rarely made the list. (It’s interesting that people found confidence – an internal characteristic – the most attractive quality.

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Nevertheless, it’s true that some people care dearly about a man’s hair – especially young people.

Their's a saying that many people make “hair contact before eye contact.” That is, they check out a man’s hair before looking at anything else. Whether you’re attracted to someone or not depends on the whole picture.

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In many cases, a person subtly rejects a guy not because of his hair situation, but because he seems sensitive about it.

We’ll come back to this in a minute.) Some men make the mistake of assuming that the reasons they’re attracted to other people are the same reasons those people are attracted to them.

For instance, you may be willing to have sex with someone based on their appearance alone, but they may not be like that.

One of the first questions guys ask when they start to lose their hair is, "Will my future partner care if I'm bald?

" This concern is especially troubling for young guys who haven’t found “the one” yet.

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