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Working out someone's own particular little secret quirks and then getting myself off by giving it to them—all on a computer—made it even better than if it had happened in real life.And I screwed the hell out of the minds of men with qualities that excited me, just for the physical and emotional high.We were always under a streetlight, certain to be spotted by boys in the bar I'd been flashing and tormenting all night for his pleasure.Or I enjoyed a sensuous, slow-motion soaping-down session in a steamy shower with Dirty Dave99.Well, he was much older than I and, surprisingly, found the whole thing harmless and ridiculous.

Any hour of the day/night, there were eligible men waiting in line who couldn't wait to talk to me.

This moderated chat room is a safe environment from scammers and spammers allowing our users to engage without the distraction and hindrance from those pesky Russian bots most other sex chat sites are infested with.

Advanced privacy options in the chat room software allow you to customize your experience, blocking content such as private messages from people that don't interest you.

I knew almost nothing about computers, but loneliness and insomnia had me pecking the keys in the wee hours of the morning, searching Internet chat rooms rumored to be filled with interesting people.

Instead, I only found a breeding ground for illiterate, inarticulate trolls.

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