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I charge my laptop while she is out for the day on a charger in the basement leading to the root cellar.

I usually sleep duringthe night as most of my productive time is during the day when she is gone.

Some cybersex compulsives cruise chat rooms, striking up explicit conversations with strangers and even setting up clandestine meetings.

"People are becoming jealous of computers," said Kimberly Young, a University of Pittsburgh psychologist and author of a book on cyber addiction called "Caught in the Net." A middle-age Florida couple that Young interviewed had discovered the Internet was interfering with their 20- year marriage.

Alvin Cooper is the Masters and Johnson of cybersex.

The Stanford University psychiatry professor and sex therapist, who is spearheading the first national survey on online sexual behavior, is among the most respected experts on sex and the Internet.

The husband walked into a room to find his wife moaning loudly while exchanging steamy messages with a stranger in a chat room.

"These are some of the same people who used to spend a lot of money on phone sex lines and pornographic video rentals," Cooper said.

User: You start Cleverbot: But I don't know what role playing is User Takes off shirt Cleverbot: takes out a gun User Slowly puts back on shirt Cleverbot ets him sataner: an m dead.Porn sites helped usher in technical advances, such as broader bandwidth to transmit images and secure credit-card systems. "The Net provides the three A's: access, affordability and anonymity," Cooper said.The Internet, with about 70,000 sex-related Web sites, accounts for a sizable chunk of the billion U. "If you want to learn about baking a pie, you can ask your neighbor."Now they can go to chat rooms for free or view images online without leaving their homes." Cooper's professional counterparts say his work with patients and his papers and magazine articles on cybersex could save marriages and mend fractured relationships."He is one of the authoritative voices on cybersex," said Michael Plaut, editor of the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy and a psychiatry professor at the University of Maryland.

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"His work has helped clarify how the Internet affects our sex lives and relationships." The twin titillations of sex and the Internet have turned Cooper, who also is clinical director of the San Jose Marital & Sexuality Centre, into a media darling. During a recent interview, Cooper juggled his schedule to make time for a Chicago radio station, MSNBC, a German magazine and scores of newspapers.

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