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Deployable mechanisms, spacecraft structures, Astro Mesh deployable reflector, deployable booms, large and small aperature mesh reflector antennas, STEM (Storable Tubular Extendable Member), hinge mechanisms, Tac Sat-2, Falcon Sat-5, Falcon Sat-6, ST-7/LISA Pathfinder.

Licensed technology for BPT-4000 aboard AEHF 1, AEHF 2, AEHF 3.

Technical Field Devices for digital fabrication of three-dimensional objects by either selectively depositing or binding raw materials together in layers. on “Transfer Methods toward Additive Manufacturing by Electrophotography” in the conference proceedings of the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T), NIP27: 2011 International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, pp.

Description of Related Art This disclosure relates to the modification of a process and apparatus for more efficiently manufacturing three-dimensional (3D) objects using digital fabrication methods. 180-184 indicates that other researchers have subsequently developed hardware and published experimental results using some combination of heat and pressure for transfer and fusing electrophotographic produced powder layers to produce 3D objects. 2011 publication describes the use of an industrial laser (electrophotographic) printer and infrared heaters to assess the maximum thickness one can achieve in building a 3D object according to the Bynum transfer approach.

Attitude control components (reaction wheels, gyro system, GPS receiver, magnetometer) Supplier of space systems and ISS payload Night Pod Mars Pathfinder Airbag Retraction Actuator Planetary Gearboxes, Mars Pathfinder Camera Pointing Mechanisms, Stardust Scan Mirror Mechanism, Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor (MVACS) Robot Arm Brush Motors, MVACS Camera Pointing Mechanisms, Genesis Array Deployment Mechanism, Shuttle Radar Topography Mapper (SRTM) Mast Deployment Actuators, SRTM Harmonic Drive Actuators, A2100 & A2100M Bus Antenna Pointing Mechanism Linear Actuators, Orbview 3 & 4 Antenna Gimbals, Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna Gimbal Motors, Champollion Cryogenic Comet Drill Actuator, TES Filter Wheel Actuator, Mars Odyssey Mission Pan Cam Mast Deployment Actuator, Mars Odyssey Pan Cam Azimuth Twist Capsule and Actuator Assembly, Mars Odyssey Pan Cam Elevation Actuator, Mars Odyssey Drill Mechanism Gearboxes, and Mars Phoenix Camera Pointing Mechanisms Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) sensors: star sensors, sun sensors, rendezvous- and docking sensors; Optical space instruments and components: multi-spectral imager (e.g.

JSS 56 for Rapid Eye satellite constellation), efficient radiometer (e.g.

A method is disclosed for improving the productivity of digitally fabricated 3D objects with the same or different shape and material composition.The various methods include fused filament extrusion, ink jetting, selective laser sintering, powder/binder jetting, electron beam melting, stereolithography and electrophotography processes. Furthermore, the build object can be either charged or neutralized with gaseous ions to improvement the quality of the build object.In general, the various methods tend to exhibit a slow build rate. Whenever heating is used such as in the transfusion step, there is a wait time introduced in the process that depends on heating rates, thermal conductivities, heat capacities, and cooling rates.There are 8 major companies that build large, commercial, Geosynchronous satellite platforms: Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Test of satellite antennas, primarily Low Gain Antennas (Many units in LEO and Deep Space missions) Antenna hats (couplers) and environmental testing.Supplier of microstrip patch antennas, helix antennas, quadrifilar helix antennas, antenna couplers, circumferential array antennas, and power splitters Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Verification of small satellite buses (TET-1, launched July 2012) and components.

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