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Debt consolidation companies offer solutions to combine multiple debts–such as credit card bills, home loans or other loans–into one easy-to-manage monthly payment.This debt relief solution may be helpful for consumers with many outstanding debts, especially if they have debts with high interest rates.Cashcall's corporate headquarters are located in Orange, California.When looking to take out a debt consolidation loan, there are a few things you want to consider, the fees and rates of the loan chief among them.If you don’t qualify for a loan, you may qualify for their debt consolidation program, which is open to those of all credit scores and those whose debts currently outweigh their assets. If your credit is less than stellar, other debt management options are available through Countrywide Debt Relief.What we like: Best Egg offers personal loans for debt consolidation as low as ,000.If you have less than optimal credit, you might find it difficult to qualify for a personal loan with Best Egg.

When selecting our top picks for this list, we looked at APR and fees along with credit score requirements, loan maximums, repayment terms and customer satisfaction to provide some worthwhile choices.

What we like: Loans are available from ,500 up to ,000 with an online application and approval process.

Funds are available as soon as 48 hours after approval.

These are standard loan lengths, but most personal loan companies offer more options to choose from.

Who’s it best for: Those looking for smaller loans to help consolidate their debt.

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Consumers with bad credit who are looking for debt relief and are hoping for a faster solution may use a debt settlement company as an alternative to getting a loan.

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