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ALL OUR EVENTS ARE TOTALLY FREE AND WILL STAY THAT WAY (except we may request once a month at one of our Saturday night events - but only if you attend THAT event.) All meetup groups have to pay to use their site and this group pays the highest fee....* We encourage people of EVERY AGE to attend.* We are SOCIAL group NOT a DATING WEBSITE or DATING GROUP.* We are NOT on face book ONLY the meetup site.There is a group with exactly the same name as this group but it is NOT this group..* You DO NOT have to be single to join our group because we have 'joint functions' with other groups all the time and if you do connect with someone ...Welcome to the BIGGEST SOCIAL MEETUP GROUP in Brisbane!!! Everyone who comes along finds our events to be friendly, safe, relaxed and well organised and we only have a few hosts so that you are sure to see a familiar, friendly face. Every MONTH we have ice skating, movies a 'NEWBIE'S' Saturday night drinks meetup and a restaurant night - so you can meet our wonderful, friendly hosts!The hotel has excellent food and a great prizes for the winning teams .... Steve will keep the voucher and split it up for the next week and provide food and lollies etc to share.We usually have two teams - 'The Social Talkers' (we never win because we talk too much and don't care about winning at all! We are there to socialize and are not too serious about the game..along even if you only want to just eat or socialise...don't worry about being good at trivia or answering questions!!The walk takes about an hour and a half at the most and DRESS FOR WALKING RATHER THAN EATING.

Joining our group and attending events is a great way to meet others who have the same interests while having HEAPS OF FUN TIMES TOO! p.s.- A FEW IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER-EMAILS-* If you think you are getting too many emails about events - just go to the 'MY PROFILE' tab and turn off the automatic emails and then you can just visit the main page whenever you want.* WE ARE A SOCIAL GROUP- our intention is for single people to make FRIENDSHIPS in person - so we request that members DO NOT email other members as if on a dating site.This pretty much sums up the options for choosing 'speed dating' over 'traditional' dating. As with most of these types of 'meeting site' you need to register your details and be contactable.If we take a look at the services at Brisbane Speed Dating , according to their website this particular dating service seems to generally attract singles in the 20-35 age bracket. EVERY WEEK we have - walking meetups, trivia nights, meditation and a WEEKLY SATURDAY NIGHT SOCIAL meetup.We like to introduce people around (just ask the host to do so)... A few things about our fantastic group-N* We DO NOT promote any businesses or charities - we always have been and will be purely SOCIAL!

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Most of our events are at the Jade Buddha or The Osborne (formally Fringe Bar) where we have been running at both venues since about 2010.

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