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And another four reported being sexually abused by older male swimmers on the U. The phone call The Xavier incidents only came to light after head coach Brian Neal noticed one of his athletes was behaving strangely.

“Bottom line is that it happens a lot.” There have been several high profile examples over the last decade, according to news reports.

He had been employed at Xavier since 2011 and just taken a position with the University of Maryland when the alleged incidents occurred on the same evening with the two players.

The other incident is still under investigation by the Covington Police Department and the Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

Two current Xavier University women’s basketball players say their former assistant coach tried to sexually assault them in early May.

But the women took more than a month to report the alleged crimes, prompted by a call from their head coach to their parents.

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One of the world’s leading researchers on the topic said there are probably more female athletes out there who have such experiences but don’t report them. I would say it is a bigger problem facing women’s athletics on a world stage than doping,” said Celia Brackenridge, a retired professor of sports psychology at Brunel University in London.

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