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The Vegetable Life Pills and Phcr-nix Bitters have in all cases I proved superior to every other medicine in the cure of Dyspep- sia, loss of appetite, Flatulence, Costiveness, Piles, Stomach and Liver complaints, Chronic and inflammatory Rheumatism, Apoplexy, Palsy, Nervous disorders, tic douloureux, determina- tion of blood to the head, palpitation of the heart, inveterate sores, colds, Influenza, Fever and Ague, Bilious affections, jaundice, 0 cents, and one dollar. " A monthly periodical with the above title, is published in the city of new-york, ami edited by Miss Anna Johnson Rcid, a young lady of great merit, and, as is proved by her sweet and interesting work, of brilliant genius and elassic taste. Persons giving orders for Burrs, are requested to be very par- ticular in stating whether they are wanted for all kinds of Grain — say country work generally — or for flouring alone, as it is of the utmost importance that the temper of the Burr should cor- respond Vvith the kind of Grain to be manufactured. This very valuable article, although it has been many years in use in this country, yet its qualities in its perfect state are but little known, owing to the defect in the materials and workman- ship. OF THE SIXTY-FIRST YEAR OP AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE : CONTAINING An Almanac for the Sixty-first Year of American Independence ; a List of all the Banks and Insurance Companies in the city, with the names of their respective Officers, and all necessary information relative thereto ; a continuation of the American Chronological Table ; also, the names, occupation, and place of residence of all heads of families, firms, and those doing business in the city, amounting to about thirty- eight thousand in correct alphabetical arrangement ; — and other useful information.

The PUGS NIX 13 TITERS are sold in bottles at one and two dollars each. Among her patrons, she numbers many of the first men in the Union, some of whom, in addition to their subscriptions, have given her writ- ten testimonials of their approbation of her captivating labors. They will be made to order, and forwarded to any part of the United States or the Canadas, warranted, with my name on them. " Who steal's my purse steals trash — But he who borrows my Directory fiilchcs me Most villanously.

Most Apple products come with 90 days of complimentary phone support and a one-year limited warranty.Among her subscribers are the names of the late Chief Justice Marshall, the Vice President, Hon. Millwrights, Millers, and Gentlemen who are judges of the ar- ticle, are invited to call at No 240 Washington-street, corner of Robinson, and examine the materials and workmanship. Morgan Lewis, Bishop On) derdonk, and others equally distinguished. Reid's delightful little publication, was is- sued several days ago, and continues to improve in appearance as well as in public favor. Dutch Bolting Cloths from the most approved manufactories in Holland, Esopus and Cologne Stones, also Mill Irons, wrought and cast of any pattern, furnished at the shortest notice. Its good name has even found its way across the Alantic, and extorted praise from the lips of Royalty. The reading matter is most excel- lent : and we find the Philadelphia press isspeakingof this num- ber, in connection with the whole series, as entitled . If its wide-spread circulation among the most re- spectable cind talented circles of our country may be taken as the criterion of its worth — and we think it should — then is the Passion Flower based upon enduring grounds, for it is patronised by nearly all the magnates of the Union, and the list is constant- ly gaining valuable additions. Spindles, Hoisting Screws, Gudgeons and Wheels for Grist- Mills, Cranks, Stirrups, and Pitmans. Screws for pressing Paper, Hay, Oil, Tobacco, Cotton, &c.,of all sizes. " The Passion Flower' is printed on beautiful fine paper, in clear bold type, is fancifully bound in red morocco and gilt ; contains 96 pages, forming 1158 pages in the year, and may be said only to be excelled in its mechanical execution, by the chaste and splendid talents of its highly gifted Editress. All kinds of Mill- Work furnished by him as Agent, in all the above branches — will be stamped, warranted and sold at fair prices. EMBURY 6c YOUNG, City of New- York WOOD & TRIMBLE, do.

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