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Although considered founded in the 1st century by the adherents of its legacy, the Church first achieved official state recognition from Sasanian Iran in the fourth century with the accession of Yazdegerd I (reigned 399–420) to the throne of the Sasanian Empire.

In 2015, while the patriarchate of the Assyrian Church of the East was vacant following the death of Dinkha IV, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako proposed a "merger", or reunion, of the Chaldean Catholic Church with the other denominations that trace their origins to the Church of the East: the Assyrian Church of the East and the Ancient Church of the East, in order to recreate one united "Church of the East" with a single patriarch in full communion with the Pope.For its members as an ethnoreligious group, see Chaldean Catholics.For the Assyrian Church of the East in India see, see Chaldean Syrian Church.At the end of these type of conversations you find out you're basically my 4th cousin and you are welcome to help yourself to the fridge anytime you are in the hood.By this point you will notice ashtrays are actually being used for Pistachio shells and there are several plates of almonds/cashews/sunflowerseeds all put at strategic places - by televisions or phones or where baba sits.

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