Chace crawford carrie underwood dating twitterfeed not updating

the pics of jc/chace are from 9/07; 12/07; elton then vegas.

it's just a bunch of complete bullshit that chace was "attached at the hip" with jc between dec and march.

I guess the LAX pic was them getting 'busted' since it wasn't at an event, it was a couple of guys traveling to LV.

Also the vid of them leaving the Delano Hotel, didn't seem like they were crazy about paps in their face.

Who's coming here with an agenda and who is just naive. The waters get so deliberately muddy it just descends into fighting.

An insider told Us Weekly in December, "His parents are fond of her...

Rumors linking Crawford to buddy JC Chasez sparked Chasez to tell Kiss-FM 104.7 Wednesday, "For the record, we're both straight.

We're not dating."Underwood's rep was not available for comment; Crawford's declined to comment.

BTW, if it was Chace hanging out with a girl repped by his manager, people would be thinking that he was banging her, they wouldn't be arguing about him only hanging out with her b/c they 'share the same manager'. JC latched himself on to Chace because a) he's hot and b) he's a star on one of the most buzzed-about TV shows of the year, thus ensuring has-been JC some press coverage. JC, Chase, et al left early morning Feb 29 to Las Vegas.

I know latinagirl thinks she knows anything and everything 'NSync-related, but the real story between JC and Chace is this: JC is gay. Carrie dumped him because he is serially incapable of monogamy, and fucked every hot bitch he encountered in NYC, L. Whether Chace is aware that JC is after his ass is an open (so to speak) question, but I'd frankly be shocked if JC hadn't put the moves on him after one of their marathon party nights when Chace was wasted.r19, you are incorrect re: Elton and Las Vegas time. They returned a few days later and that SAME week (a few days after the Vegas trip), Carrie Underwood announced at a concert that 'due to recent events' she was single.

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