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And unless you develop the habit at the beginning of your career, you are unlikely to accumulate substantial wealth during your working life. If you have been working for three years or less and already have a mortgage, your parents have, perhaps, forced you to save. However, savings in the form of real estate is illiquid and may be difficult to manage if your employment requires you to shift your location of work from one city to another. Your goal should be to save at least 20 per cent of your monthly post-tax income.Instead of buying real estate, consider financial assets because they are portable. If you have a goal, you also have a time horizon to achieve the goal.

The extent of outperformance has been to the tune of 50-150 basis points.

But more importantly, the book, through exhaustive reporting, details the lives of the women killed — all of whom were prostitutes from poor, "downwardly mobile, working-class communities” as Kolker put it in our phone interview yesterday.

Instead of describing them as anonymous victims secondary to the spectacle of the unsolved crimes, Kolker builds the book around the women, portraying them as the daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends that they were to the dozens of people who still mourn them.

Your default choice must be a large-cap index fund unless you have a good reason to buy an active fund.

Second, invest the rest of your monthly savings in a bank recurring deposit for a term that fetches the maximum interest rate.

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