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I tried to do reasearch on using this program and all the videos are about cmake for programs, but not for compilers. You are trying to learn 2 things at the same time: The variety of processes for compiling software from source, and the process of packaging software.

And you're planning to do it on an antiquated, out-of-support system.

I also LIKE the idea of a Free BSD system that has an easy to use binary package installer that does not have to be reinstalled every two years.

I don't care about the System D debate about how things should be done. Most things I have compiled ether are part of a package system or they use standard make files.


You're already abnormal; now it's time to become more abnormal ;-) Forcing a system to work in an unsupported way is painful, frustrating, time-consuming, and incredibly educational (but mostly only if you haven't done it before, for that last item).

The issue for compling is the same no matter what version of Linux you use.

Out side of the ones on the one Debian mirrors page no other mirrors or repos work. I tried to use ppa's and none of those work ether.

I know that there are no other repo's exist out here do to the changes made by Debian/kfreebsd 8 Jessie. Then I dried using Gdebi and it does not work ether.

I am not sure if it if I update cmake from source and get the packages that it depends on can I build other cmake packages useing the gui? I don't know why so many users are getting angry that I want to get new packages. They are losing funding, they are getting polictical, they are not fixing bugs, and any thing not 64bit is dieing.

That brings up the question of moding Linux Mint and BSDing it? Then you have to update the system every 2 years and reinstall.

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