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For instance, if you want to search for the mailx utility, you can run the below command.

As you can see, there are two packages available for mailx utility, both located in /usr/ports/mail/ category. Similar to finding a package with locate command, you can also use whereis command, to view the application category. The easiest method to search and find an application in Free BSD is via PKG package management command line.

character to search for a pattern through the entire Ports directories tree.The downloaded package binary, which is a compressed file, can be found in /var/cache/pkg/ system path. To show remote repositories and local packages statistics, such as how many packages are installed in your system and how much disk space is filled by installed software, execute the following command. In order to automatically erase package management local cache directory for remote downloaded packages, run the below command.You should first verify the list of locally downloaded binary packages. As you can see, Free BSD has an impressive package collection system, similar to package management tools used in Linux distributions such as Yum, RPM and APT with a huge number of pre-compiled software binaries and a simple and effective command line, pkg, which can be used to manage the software in a decent manner.Pipe the result via less command to navigate more easily through output.As you can see in the above screenshot, Free BSD database category holds more than 1000 database pre-complied packages. In order to see if a specific application is available in a category, again, use the ls command and filter the result via grep utility in order to search for a custom application.

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