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In May, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a civil complaint [JURIST report] against Broadcom for stock option back-dating. Although the practice itself is not illegal, it usually involves a violation of SEC and other federal reporting requirements [SOX guide].Broadcom is the latest technology-related firm to come under SEC scrutiny for stock option backdating.[JURIST] A federal grand jury has indicted two former executives of Silicon Valley technology firm Broadcom [corporate website] in connection with a scheme to backdate company stock options.According to the indictment [PDF text] unsealed in federal court Thursday, firm co-founder Henry T. Ruehle engaged in a "conspiracy to disguise, conceal, understate, and mischaracterize compensation expenses Broadcom was required to recognize in connection with its stock options." Nicholas was also indicted separately on drug charges [indictment, PDF]. The practice of backdating involves setting an option-holder's stock price at a day when stock prices were low instead of the price on the day the option was granted.The indictment, issued under seal a day earlier, accused Nicholas of doling out drugs and prostitutes as part of a freewheeling lifestyle.

The charges stemmed from Milosevic's role in the Balkan civil wars of the 1990's in which Milosevic, as President of Serbia and Yugoslavia, attempted to use force to prevent the ethnic dissolution of the Yugoslav Federation.Samueli and Dull were not named in the indictment unsealed Thursday, although the government could still seek to charge them later.Samueli, a prominent philanthropist, was Nicholas’ engineering professor at UCLA. with a Broadcom employee who had knowledge of defendant Nicholas’ unlawful narcotics activities.”* Fraudulently backdated millions of stock option grants over a five-year period, along with former Broadcom Chief Financial Officer William J.Learn more about the trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the charges filed against him from the BBC.Somewhere in the skies between Orange County and Las Vegas, federal prosecutors say, Broadcom Corp. Nicholas III gave new meaning to the term “highflying.”Winging their way to Sin City in 2001, Nicholas and his entourage generated so much marijuana smoke that it billowed into the cockpit, “requiring the pilot flying the plane to put on an oxygen mask,” according to a federal grand jury indictment made public Thursday.

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