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It's estimated that about half a million people also volunteered to join the ARP, the Territorial Army (TA) and the RAF Volunteer Reserve. The Military Training Act of 27 April 1939 responded to Hitler's threat of aggression in Europe.All British men aged 20 and 21 who were fit and able were required to take six months' military training.There are countless published regimental histories and these are often a good place to start research into British Army operations – see Further reading for some examples of regimental history books.

There are broadly two different types of British Army operations records.

Those created by units of the army itself and those created by politicians, top-ranking officers and other high-level personnel.

In the First and Second World Wars, unit records were generally in the form of war diaries but by 1950 unit diaries had been largely superseded by alternative forms of record keeping.

It’s for reasons like this I’d never considered dating someone in the military, but then I did.

It was one of those typical relationships I knew I shouldn’t have began in the first place solely because of the distance, but when we continued talking after he went back to his duty station it just grew into something.

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