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Beneath the dome’s curving sides, the structure is completed with sheer glass curtainwalls.

The main concert hall can seat more than 1,200 people, and the lower level contains a smaller theater, two rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, and offices.The target completion date for the restoration is April 2016, and the building will remain open during nearly all of the work.Shared by the community As a well-loved and active gathering space, Kresge plays an important role at MIT, providing a welcoming forum that brings together diverse people and groups to share ideas, art, and experiences.The original glass will most likely be replaced by laminated glass, to provide thermal assistance and better safety properties, and the mullion system will be rebuilt in stainless steel, conforming to the original profile and aesthetic, but providing better protection against corrosion.Inside the building, the restoration team will undertake the complete replacement of all HVAC ( equipment and controls, currently housed in two massive rooms in the basement.

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