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After Charles divorce Her allegations - which have not been denied by Adams - emerged after Diana's butler Paul Burrell claimed that the Princess had nine secret lovers, including a famous musician."I knew Diana had an affair with Bryan," said the Danish actress yesterday.Before they met, Bryan Adams wrote a song about his fascination with Princess Diana and how she "drove him wild".Now the rock star's former girlfriend has claimed that the pair went on to have an affair."But when I started to have my own opinions and my career took off, he wasn't happy with that at all."I was just a perfect match in his glamorous world.

On his second attempt, Arnold went on to complete the Ultimate Cliffhanger and made history as the first American to complete the Hang Climbing and the Spider Flip.

Arnold failed the Flying Bar, due to the left side of the bar not landing in the fourth cradle. Japan special, he beat Matachi Ryo in the first Stage Two match upon defeating the Double Salmon Ladder, the obstacle Ryo fell on.

In Stage Three, he was again matched up with Matachi falling at the exact same spot Matachi fell on; the 2nd rung on the Flying Bar. In American Ninja Warrior 6, he competed in Denver.

She said she tried to turn a blind eye to the affair with Diana because she felt the need to "compromise" in their relationship.

And she even attended the Princess's funeral with Adams."I was sitting in the church with mixed emotions," she said of the service in 1997.

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