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Despite being far less affectionate physically, I had just as much fun with this second girlfriend as a I had with the first.

And when we broke up although it was tough emotionally, it was far less tough physically.

While I spoke briefly about this in a sermon titled, “Sex, Soul Ties, and Pornography,” I wanted to give some clearer guidelines and tips for healthy physical boundaries in a dating relationship.

When I first dated in high school I didn’t really have any clear boundaries aside from wanting to wait until marriage for sex and also sensing that there shouldn’t be inappropriate touching.

And from that first relationship I had learned about my own boundaries and what situations I should avoid to keep true to God’s command.

But after the second breakup, there was no sudden drop off of physical intimacy, so I was much healthier in that aspect. I learned that during the second relationship and I’ve seen it in many other relationships too. And for each couple there can be different situations that may cause more temptation than others.

Our first kiss was after I proposed to Sky, and I actually have video footage of my proposal below.

You’ll have to skip through (or just watch) a short picture slideshow at the beginning to get it.

After we were engaged, there was a confidence that we were committed to each other. That seems like common sense, but beds are comfortable and alluring.

We let our guard down a little more and grew closer physically. Get an accountability brother/sister (gender specific, duh) that you have to talk with at least once a month. If you study sleep psychology, you’ll find that beds are best meant for just sleep and sex, not eating or reading or other activities.

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Watch the sermon below to understand better why waiting for marriage is so important. At the end of Song of Songs (8:8-9) we read of some friends asking about what to do for their young sister.

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