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Rules is the story of a twelve-year-old girl named Catherine, who is torn between caring for her autistic brother David and finding her own place in life.Catherine's day-to-day life during one summer vacation is usually occupied by caring for David and trying her best to keep him out of trouble.Sherrie Schneider: It’s so successful because it’s the truth. Women can send a naked picture of themselves in three seconds. Now you have to have rules on your own, not because your rabbi or parents are involved. When a guy likes you they call you, they ask you out, want to meet your friends and parents and want to propose. You have to have mystery, act like you’re a creature unlike any other. One girl who chased him was the prom queen and he still had no interest. Jason, who attends occupational therapy, is confined to a wheelchair, is physically deformed, and is unable to speak.Instead, he uses a book of word cards, pointing to cards in sequence to communicate.

Catherine cannot bring herself to confess that Jason is handicapped, as she fears it might jeopardize her friendship with Kristi.NEW YORK – When the first “The Rules” book — outlining steps women should take to snare the guy of their dreams, like don’t talk to a man first and don’t see him more than once or twice a week — was published in 1995, it became a pop culture phenomenon. There were Rules then, and now there are other Rules, the ones we wrote down.A torrent of media coverage propelled it to the New York Times bestseller list for more than six months and sales of more than 2.5 million copies for it and four subsequent Rules books. The technology has made the world in constant contact. Our rules are all about the intrigue and chase, which makes for good courtship. The idea that there were Rules a long time ago made us realize there can be Rules now. Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.In “Not Your Mother’s Rules,” Schneider and Fein warn that participating in IM (instant messaging) culture will kill a relationship before it even starts. It’s his privilege to take you out and to pay (for dinner.) Fein: The Rules really aren’t traditional matchmaking, nothing like that. Schneider: We’ve had clients set up by well-meaning parents but there’s no sex or chemistry. They spoke with Haaretz about why “The Rules” have been successful, their response to those who call them anti-feminist, and how Jewish it really is. We don’t believe in ‘no sex before marriage,’ but I believe girls should wait really, really long. A lot of couples we know who are married 20, 30, 40 years knew right away.

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