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In thirty years, how will we look back on the two tumultuous years the man from Texas had as head of the monster known as Kentucky basketball?We likely wont know that for some time, but what we do know is that for the second time in three years, UK will be back on the search for a new basketball coach.However this time, the search will be much different…deliberate, less centralized and even more crucial.

While he had moderate success on the floor, off the floor he was a Matt Doherty-like disaster.Simulations were presented for participants who attempted to avoid accidents while being slightly sidetracked with devices and technology.We enjoyed taking steps toward preventing distracted driving in our community and we look forward to next year’s event.I believe when we care for others our community is stronger and healthier, which is why I’m proud to support ARC National Capital Region in its mission to provide relief to disaster victims and support preparation efforts.This year, Allstate’s fifth annual Reality Rides® included new and improved features which will work to help keep our driving behavior safe.

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