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It also seems that Ultonia and Last word must be regarded as marks with whole share, in spite of the fact that they are presented as being product lines under label BBB.That would explain their absence of catalogues BBB.He created the company "Adolph Frankau & Co" and became an importer of meerschaum pipes and supplies in connection with the tobacco.It takes under its wing young a 14 year old boy, Louis Blumfeld.The initials once stood for Blumfeld’s Best Briars after Louis Blumfeld, who took over the management of the Adolph Frankau Company in 1856.After his death, the BBB gradually became known as Britain’s Best Briars.

Adolph Frankau & Co Ltd In 1847, Adolph Frankau arrived in London and quickly understood opportunities that the market of tobacco presented, in full expansion.Frankau & Co has a broad warehouse and offices to the 121 Queen Victoria Street, a service of export in Upper Thames Street and opens a factory in 1898 in Homerton, High Street 112 (then 154) until in the Eighties when Cadogan gathers its activities of manufacture in Southend one Sea.In this time, A Frankau & Co also produce of Calabashs.The water-bottles used are originating in South Africa and are fruits which can be used as pipe (called also gourd, in this case) usable for the pipes.That became difficult to be supplied out of water-bottles considering the growing request and the constant attention which it is necessary to carry to the culture.

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