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PHILADELPHIA — While writing a sermon in September, Cheryl Pyrch, the pastor of Summit Presbyterian Church, needed an assist.On the topic of greatness and Jesus Christ, she wanted to open with recollections of greats in other spheres. Having encountered Wilt Chamberlain in passing almost 40 years ago, she decided he was the great she wanted to highlight. scoring titles — were close at hand, literally and figuratively through Sports Reference, a monolith of sports data websites that just happens to rent space from the church.“I didn’t know all this in 1980,” Pyrch told the congregation as she described Chamberlain’s awards during the Sunday service.(Don’t worry: The page for the former Met Keith Hernandez’s mustache will live forever.)That the little company in her church has become so important, with leading sports websites, earned a laugh from Pyrch.She had been to the sites once or twice, including the time she did sermon research.“I think that both myself and most of the congregation would not realize what kind of a powerhouse Sports Reference is,” she said.Sexual baseball is a way of talking about sexual encounters without actually using sexual words.This is useful for when there are small children or other people in the room.Once you get beyond the basics, however, the information on the sites runs the gamut of sources.They include a collection of old college media guides acquired from a single collector and a professor in Britain who supplies statistics of independent baseball leagues.

She wrote to say that her son’s birth date was wrong. Other requests reveal the reach of Sports Reference.

(He has since hired the church’s janitor to take over those duties.)They are among the most popular sports-related sites.

Basketball-Reference trails only, while Pro-Football-Reference is second to, according to Similar Web.

Eventually, the company hopes to charge for advanced features and to become less dependent on advertising, which currently generates 95 percent of the sites’ revenue.

As of now, the only advanced tool that requires a paid subscription is Baseball-Reference’s Play Index.

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