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I have to hide my card because otherwise I keep checking I can’t entertain so many girls and start off from scratch with everyone.

UPDATE: I have since deleted my tinder I have screenshots though.

I don’t believe Tinder is really great for starting relationships its rightfully a hookup app in western countries but it is a little different in India so who knows you might actually get lucky and find a soul mate if you believe enough.

Always say pancakes (its always theirs honesly I hate pancakes too sweet! For god’s sake DO NOT COPY MINE ( You are going to anyways because you lack creativity anyway moving on) because the guy population is really large if this becomes recurring it will harm you. Almost forgot yeah don’t give much away in your bio you want to surprise them later.

Conversations This is the actual fun part of tinder but also the most difficult. I mostly try anything on my matches using pickup lines, different conversation starters or test things that build attraction.

Since I get enough matches I actually do get tired Yes! You can actually spam this to get yourself free boosts but honestly its very tiring and you will end up seeing the same profiles again.

That’s true talking to girls but mostly I use tinder as testing grounds only to see what works and what doesn’t in building attraction in real life. Setting up your profile Photos : I would suggest using all 6 photos.

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