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Go swimming and play Marco Polo or "Who can make the biggest splash" -- each of these gives the player an opportunity to raise their statistics.

During this part of the game, it makes sense to be profligate with energy.

Most activities can be done multiple times in a day, but in some cases you will only get "credit" (increased statistics) the first time you do them.

So plan ahead: figure out what you want to get and do the things that will lead to that.

so many girls to seduce and to fuck that you won’t have enough with one day to play all that sex games.

Your across-the-street neighbor, Vanilla Rabbit, asks you to come over. She needs to go away for a week and can't take Cream with her. She promises both of you "BIG" rewards when she comes back.

Cream will fall asleep, and new choices will appear: pull up her dress to peek at her panties or continue watching the movie.

Each of these leads to other choices, with different consequences.

Dating games on Hentai GO offer you to meet and fuck young and pretty girls, beautiful student, but also gorgeous milf.

The aime of a dating game is to chat with a girl by choosing the good answers when you have choices.

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