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They also take their personal space very seriously so don’t expect them to be as touchy-feely as Brazilians.There is this myth floating around that there are a lot more women than men in Russia and E Europe (explain).It’s a traditional culture so you’ll be expected to pay for the date and make sure to be a gentleman.If you are a caucasian male, then you’ll do exceptionally well here as Mexican women, and basically, all women for that matter, love to be approached by a confident charming man.

They are good wife material since they are traditional yet still focus on education and career.Sex on a first date is pretty common as long as she’s into you of course.Because of the huge emphasis on equality and since they usually have a good job, most Swedes won’t expect the man to pay on the first date.First of all, these are just my opinions and I recommend traveling and doing your own research and please leave some of your own opinions in a comment down below because I’m sure there will be some countries that are great that just didn’t make my list.I spent about 6 weeks in Japan and although women are extremely shy and reserved at first, they are also extremely attractive and dress sexy as hell.

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